A blog I dedicated for my art, I hope to be able so show more of my art that I never find the courage to put in deviantart.

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Anonymous said: Haha, glad to have made your day. I'd like to know more about all of your stories. Nothing in particular. Well, maybe Roddmann. I really like his design. But yes. Whatever you'd like to tell about.


Oh Roddmann <3  one of my favourite child. 

There is some more about him in my Deviant account but I will put more about him here also then. Now that I know there is someone who is actually interested I will be more detailed with the stories and ideas.  

Anonymous said: Would you like to tell us something about your stories. You've been reblogging a lot of storytelling related stuff and I'm kinda interested.


Why yeah, of course, I just, well.
I have been putting very small amounts of informations cause I never thought anyone would be interested. So I am very flattered is there any particular story you are interested about?
So if I have more pictures about it I can post it with some more information about it?  

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So I get very mad very easily when doing digital so this is something that does not happen very often but at least I did it.

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Im really sorry about this, its just, it had to come out.I was thinking about making fanart in order to improve my skills and variete with characters when I just, AU, this thing popped in to my head. &#8220;Attack on titan, it was defending ourselves from Titan in the winter waaaaaarrr OMG!!&#8221; (The Winter war shortly it was Finland defending themself from Russians invasion)
And so, well this happened, I will do more, I have to. Maybe just for my own fun but still.
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